Darrell Arnold Darrell Arnold

"Changing World"

This roots rock, Americana album features ten songs that thematically run the gamut from existential thought pieces to love and lost-love songs, all with gripping vocal hooks, grooving rhythms, and layers of guitars, wondrous guitars.

Darrell Arnold’s latest wonderful album “Changing World” is produced by one of South Florida’s most sought after musicians and producers, Jack Shawde, who plays lead guitars and other stringed instruments on it. In addition to Darrell’s vocals and acoustic guitar, the album features a stellar cast of other South Florida musicians: Diane Ward on drums and background vocals, Matthew Sabatella on bass and background vocals, Max Farber on keyboards, and Sarah Jacob and Lynn Bobby on background vocals. It is recorded, mixed and mastered by Luciano Delgado(Looch) at Miami Beach Recording Studios. Everyone hit it out of the park! We would love to see you Sunday, Nov. 19th, for the album release party!


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Changing World

by Darrell Arnold

Fish out of Water

by Darrell Arnold and the Buffalo Fish


by Darrell Arnold and The Buffalo Fish