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Portraits of the Blues is a country blues record by Darrell ArnoldDarrell is super excited to announce the release of Portraits of the Blues. Portraits of the Blues is an introduction the music and worldviews of key Delta and Texas blues artists from the early twentieth century. It includes a book and CD. The musicians highlighted are Bessie Smith, Robert Johnson, Tommy Johnson, Mississippi John Hurt, Skip James, Robert Petway, and Lightnin’ Hopkins.

The album, released by Arco Records, was produced by the Nashville-based guitarist and producer, Jack Shawde. The recordings lean on traditional versions of the songs, honoring them without trying to duplicate them. They range from guitar/vocal arrangements with keyboard accompaniment to five-piece band arrangements. The following songs are on the recording.

01. Shinin’ Moon, written by Sam “Lightnin'” Hopkins (2:55)
02. Backwater Blues, written by Bessie Smith (4:17)
03. Big RoadBlues, written by Tommy Johnson (3:38)

04. Devil Got My Woman, written by Nehemiah Curtis “Skip” James (4:07)
05. Catfish Blues, written by Robert Petway (3:20)
06. Payday, written by John Smith Hurt (3:29)
07. Love in Vain, written by Robert Johnson (3:09)
08. Hard Time Killin’ Floor Blues, written by Nehemiah Curtis “Skip” James (3:28)

Executive producer of the album is Don Sarley of Arco Records. It will be released in September, 2024.

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