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The Colossal Wasting of Time in the Era of Trump

The birtherism conspiracy now floated about Kamala Harris is another issue raised by President Trump and his base that is wasting America’s time. Lindsey Graham has recently come out on the side of common sense to speak against the birthers’ claims. But why does anybody have to even discuss this? On the face of it, it is ridiculous. Think of the time we along with people all over the world will spend reading articles on this, refuting birtherism, etc. If we add it all up, including the time of each person in the world involved in this, and throw Obama birtherism in the mix just for good measure, it is surely millions of hours of time. Seriously, millions of hours. And for what? Nothing really. Yet for our own good we cannot ignore such mad claims because of the possibly disastrous real world consequences were we to ignore them.

Think of the lies and policies of Trump we’ve wasted and continue to waste time on that are pure fabrication. Besides birtherism, here are just a couple others.
  • The FBI investigation into Obama’s “spying”
  • The investigation into Joe and Hunter Biden in the Ukraine
  • His constant nonsense about the wearing of masks and his false claims about the coronavirus
  • The call for schools and colleges in hot spots to reopen even as coronavirus cases are spiking
  • Proposed requirements that international students attend face-to-face classes or not be allowed entry to the country
There are so many more issues — all a waste of time. Millions of hours, all wasted because the president of ther United States is, to quote Rex Tillerson, “a fu&king moron.”

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